Products of brands recognized worldwide

Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor (VSD)

A Compressor with an integral VSD can handle the constant loads for an extended period of time (running at close to 100% duty cycle), but it can also run at slower speeds to accommodate lower air demands at other times of the day.

Variable Speed Drives can reduce the overall energy costs associated with operating the Compressor Unit by simply controlling the speed of the Motor and Air End to match consumption. As Rotary Screw Compressors using the variable speed technology match the varying air demands and therefore have the ability to impact your energy consumption, some energy providers have offered rebates when these Units are purchased.

DV Systems Scroll (Oil Free)

DV Systems EnviroAire ES air compressors. Designed specifically for sensitive applications requiring 100% oil-free air, with sound levels as low as 65 dBA, Excellenet for food, laboratory and industry.

Breweries | Cannabis | Dental laboratories | Optical

Kobelco (Oil Free)

Range of Rogers KNW oil-free compressors from 25 Hp to 500 Hp
Air-cooled or Water-cooled.

Hydrovane® compressors (Rotary vanes)

Hydrovane products, of excellent quality "Noise 68 DBa".

They are found all over the world, in trains, ships, engineering, distilleries, breweries, packaging sites, as well as in industrial units, both large and small. In fact, they are the perfect solution for all of your high quality, reliable compressed air needs.