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Servies and sale of new and used compressors.

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Located in Chateauguay, C.C.Air have customers across the province of Quebec and Ontario. Small businesses to large industries compresseur C.C.Air is at your service at any time, since 1991.

We hope to do business with your company and hope as with all our clients have a long and successful association with you.


Leader in the field of air compressors and CompAir™ and DV SYSTEMS™ products direct distributor, at compresseur C.C.Air we offer a wide variety of related products and services for your needs of compressed air.

We are proud to offer products and services and the expertise your business needs to operate at full capacity while saving money.

Available Services

Repair, maintenance, analysis services on air compressors and many more!

Compresseur C.C.Air offers a repair service and maintenance of air compressors of all kinds and models, fast and flawless, available 24 hours on 24, and 7 days a week.
To fully meet your needs, we offer the following services :


Rental of 100HP electric compressors oil free and lubricated.


Piping installation.


Inspection on air compressor systems


Reconstructions of lubricated screws & oil-free.

Compresseur C.C.Air is able to show you the savings you can make.

Compresseur C.C.Air can come to you to test your compressed air systems over a given period, to check if they match your real needs and quantify without taking a look at the compressors brands. Once we have entered the datas into a computer, specific diagnosis software compare all requirement levels for the ideal setup of the situation with the parameters for your existing systems to give an accurate picture of the system characteristics. The software can then determine the most efficient solution that will meet the requirements of the site, the necessary pressure and the given configuration.

Contact us now for an analysis of your compressed air system or to find a way to reduce your ownership cost.

* * We guarantee our rebuilted screws * *