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Compresseur C.C.Air are a direct distributor of CompAir™ and DV SYSTEMS® products !

Here is a brief overview of must common CompAir™ and DV SYSTEMS® products.

- Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor (VSD)

A Compressor with an integral VSD can handle the constant loads for an extended period of time (running at close to 100% duty cycle), but it can also run at slower speeds to accommodate lower air demands at other times of the day.

Variable Speed Drives can reduce the overall energy costs associated with operating the Compressor Unit by simply controlling the speed of the Motor and Air End to match consumption. As Rotary Screw Compressors using the variable speed technology match the varying air demands and therefore have the ability to impact your energy consumption, some energy providers have offered rebates when these Units are purchased.



- Hydrovane® compressors (Rotary vanes)

Hydrovane is a specific activity, but an integral part of the CompAir Group.
They are found everywhere in the world, trains, ships, engineering, distilleries, breweries, packaging sites and in industrial units, whether large or small. In fact, they are the ideal solution for all your compressed air needs reliable and excellent quality.

The operation of hydrovane air compressor are quiet. Most models are available in open or in an enclosure which allows to further reduce the noise level.



- Lubricated rotary screw compressors - L & LSR series

This new variety of lubricated screw compressors is based on a modular design.
Thus, we can offer to customers the flexibility to meet their needs. This modular approach to our new products offers maximum flexibility to meet your financial needs.

You can choose a standard compressor, then add options such as integrated dryer, a system of variable SR, or greater air output for optimum performance.



- Oil-free rotary screw compressors - D & DH series

As the industry evolves, the demand change.
In many applications, compressed air is used. And in areas where the air comes into contact with the application that feeds the air quality is crucial.

High-tech industries require a very good air quality. To meet the industry standards, CompAir has developed a wide range of oil free compressors, series D & DH. Not only these compressors operate without oil, but they don't use it at all.




Compresseur C.C.Air it's also parts and compressors of all brands.

You can find your CompAir compressors and parts brands, such as :

- Holman, LeRoi, BroomWade, Cyclon, Reavell, hydrovane, Série L,  Kellogg, Luchard, Mahle, Mako, Demag, Holman et Dryclon .

To offer the more complete product variety, we also sell parts and compressors of RK, Eagle, Nortech and
DV Systems brands

We also offer parts of compressors of the following brands :

-Atlas copco, Sullair, Devilbiss, Ingersoll Rand, Quincy et Gardner Denver.

* * We repair all brands of compressors * *

Contact us now to find what you're looking at a competitive price.


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